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Company Profile

Hongzhiwei Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (HZWTECH for short) is a technology company dedicated to material design software, integrated circuit technology parameter extraction software, integrated circuit device design software development. Based on the most advanced theory of quantum mechanics, starting from the atomic level, computing software developed by HZWTECH can compute and design materials and devices without any experiment parameters.


HZWTECH mainly serves institutions of higher learning, scientific and research institutions, integrated circuit manufacturing and design enterprises, provides customers with professional material and device computing and design software, as well as high-performance scientific cloud computing platforms, high-quality computing services and solutions. HZWTECH possesses multiple material and device design software with complete proprietary intellectual property rights, including the LCAO basis set and NEGF-DFT based material and quantum transport computing software Nanodcal, the tight binding based transport computing software Nanoskim, as well as the tight binding parameter optimization software Nanoskif, etc. Based on the above scientific software, HZWTECH has developed multiple new electronic device design software, built cloud platforms for electronic device design, provided electronic material and device professionals with powerful scientific computing support.


HZWTECH was jointly initiated by several domestic and overseas famous experts and scholars, founded based on multiple domestic and overseas top research groups’ research results over decades. HZWTECH technology research teams enjoy high academic prestige in domestic and overseas academic circles. The team members have rich research experience in material design, semiconductor device design, magnetic device design, new electronic material design and other fields.


Since it was founded in 2014, HZWTECH has regarded creating material and device design software with complete proprietary intellectual property rights as its mission. With the innovative support from HZWTECH technology research teams spread in a number of provinces across China, HZWTECH has provided customers with multifunctional high-performance material and device computing software products constantly.


HZWTECH welcomes friends from academic circles and industrial circles to come discussing cooperation and seeking common development!

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